Shaker Teaching

history of shake true hoops.

Established in Guelph in 1990.

Over the 30 years, more than 1000 athletes have been to one-on-one skills sessions with Shaker. A significant proportion of these clients have had interest from Canadian universities and U.S. colleges. A few have even gone on to enjoy pro-careers in Europe and Australia.

While STH has seen the successful graduation of many players both from US and Canadian institutions, it is the lessons in discipline, work ethic, and compassion that Shaker feels are the gems of the program. Being able to implement the knowledge and concepts learned at STH and transfer those insights into other disciplines is no doubt the most valuable attribute of Shake True Hoops.

philosophy of shake true hoops.

Hard work, commitment and reflection.

Shaker is most impressed by those who are able to overcome adversity and triumph through perseverance, discipline, and thoughtful introspection. These are the members who will always be welcomed as coaches and mentors in the Shake True Hoops system. While it is difficult to predict what level of performance each individual will achieve, with Shake True Hoops participants will have access to the guidance and support that is guaranteed to help them work toward their full potential.

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