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Ball 4 All aims to assist youth, regardless of background, in reaching their full potential physically, cognitively and spiritually, through teaching the fundamentals of basketball.

Shake True Hoops is the premier Basketball Development Service in Guelph, ON.

Shake True Hoops is run by Steven “Shaker” Cuevas, a former European Pro player and member of the Guelph Gryphon Hall of Fame. The program aims to assists young players in reaching their full potential physically and cognitively while becoming better at a game they have grown to love.

Shake True Hoops takes pride in offering their students only the best training available. Through step by step instruction by experienced and qualified instructors, players will be given the opportunity to develop and improve skills and techniques at their own speed and in their own time.

BAll 4 All history

Steve “Shaker” Cuevas, founder of Shake True Hoops Basketball Development Services in Guelph, initiated Ball 4 All in 2007. He saw a growing need for access to skills programs for all who wished to participate, regardless of barriers of transportation and cost. In founding Ball 4 All, he sought to remove these barriers to access and provide high-level basketball training to those who were not previously able to attend his sessions.

Ball 4 All is made possible by partnerships with basketball courts and local businesses. In the summer, the program is held at the Shelldale Outdoor Courts. In the winter, transportation to sessions is made possible by the donation of vans by Sorbara Law and other generous donors. MarketFresh, a local gourmet grocer, donates fresh fruit, and Boston Pizza provides pizza to keep participants fueled up during their training. Since the founding of the program, many more donations and volunteerism have made Ball 4 All successfully able to make a difference to our youth.


In 2015, Steve Cuevas was recognized with a Guelph Mayor’s Award for his work on Ball 4 All. The mayor has this to say about Ball 4 All: Kids in the program learn lessons that extend well beyond the basketball court. They gain a sense of belonging, a yearning to participate, and the confidence to overcome obstacles and make good choices. They gain life skills that will help them succeed in the future. Stephen also helps older students develop into volunteer coaches and mentors. Through Ball 4 All, Stephen is building a healthier, safer, and more connected community.
Ball 4 All thanks mayor Cam Guthrie and appreciates his recognition of the program as being important to the Guelph community. Participants and volunteers were in attendance at the Mayor’s Awards Gala.

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Ball 4 All is partnering with leaders in the community.

Looking ahead to the future, here at Ball 4 All we would like to construct a permanent court to allow the program to run year round. There is a flurry of planning and partnerships coming together to make this dream a reality.

Please reach out to us if you would like to become involved in the future of the program.